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Frozen Embryo Transport

PDQ Specialist Courier Services transport frozen embryos to destinations throughout the UK and Europe. We provide Life Science courier solutions to major research organizations and pharmaceutical companies and understand your samples are priceless and irreplaceable. Our specialist staff will personally care for your shipment assisting you with all aspects including planning, liaising with both clinics and individually monitoring your precious samples through to successful completion. Frozen embryos and/or sperm can be safely transported from clinic to clinic throughout the world at cryogenic temperatures using LN2 dewars or a dry shipper. 


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Specialist same-day and next-day delivery options


Next flight out and hand carry service options


Track the minute-by-minute location of your delivery


Track the exact current temperature of your delivery


Multi-temperature refrigeration from -25 to +30C


All of our drivers hold full ADR & GDP certification


Won 'Refrigerated Courier of the Year' in 2015 & 2016