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Pharmaceutical Logistics

From the day that PDQ Specialist Courier Services was established, we’ve sought to be known for offering an excellent range of bespoke temperature-controlled courier services. We strive for reliability and safety in every single transit we complete, including in the range of pharmaceutical logistics options we offer. We understand the sensitivity and importance of the pharmaceutical transports we take on, so we ensure that we’re a courier service you can trust. With our experience servicing hundreds of clients across medical, pharmaceutical, hazardous material and scientific analysis sectors, we’re industry leaders in providing rapid and reliable delivery, a leading option for the pharmaceutical logistics sector when seeking a courier service.

We’ve provided temperature-controlled courier services to a number of prestigious clients across various sectors, including pharmaceutical logistics. Our reputation as a reliable courier has seen us secure ongoing contracts with leading organisations including the NHS and British Heart Foundation amongst others. These clients trust our service because of the impeccable levels of quality, security and punctuality in each of the courier services we offer.

For anyone in the pharmaceutical logistics field who is considering our services, it’s worth noting that we provide clear and continual traceability during each transport. Whenever a client utilises our temperature-controlled transports, they can monitor minute-by-minute location updates and specific temperature statistics for their consignment. Wherever your transport is up to, you can access updates on these details using our personal client portal. This of course offers great peace of mind and allows you to plan for the delivery’s arrival. We understand just how valuable this could be for the pharmaceutical logistics sector given its precise nature.

Through our use of the UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, we continually guarantee efficient service, allied with the fact that all of our vehicle drivers undergo expert training and have fully up-to-date ADR and GDP certification. Our high-end van fleet is maintained on a regular basis and provides reliable transports throughout the UK and Europe, while we also adhere to all points of the MHRA guidelines. We know that in the pharmaceutical logistics sector, the majority of temperature-controlled transports will be highly time-sensitive, so we ensure contingency capacity across our van fleet, allowing us to provide transit options at even the shortest notice. PDQ drivers are qualified to transport a range of hazardous pathology items, pharmaceuticals and radioactive materials, all maintaining exact temperatures.

We have a long track record and strong reputation in delivering the highest standards of safety and dependable delivery, with our refrigerated courier services second-to-none across the UK and Europe. Additionally, each one of our vans comes equipped with a number of key safety features, preserving your items even in unforeseen circumstances. We include emergency locks and several alarms as standard, as well as various other safety measures. Our record for reliability and safe operating standards, alongside the high quality of our drivers and vehicle fleet, offer you real peace of mind. Add these features to your ability to monitor the exact temperature and location of your goods throughout delivery and you can see why so many in the pharmaceutical logistics sector have full confidence in our courier services.

Another great feature when you’re looking to transport several different items using our temperature-controlled courier services is our ability to offer transport for several different items in the same transport, each at their own exact temperature levels, maintained through each stage of delivery. As a leading temperature-controlled courier service to those involved in pharmaceutical logistics, we have a range of specific options available on our website, as well as being happy to speak about any bespoke services or options that are not clearly mentioned.

To dialogue in further detail about exactly how PDQ Specialist Couriers could provide the solution for your pharmaceutical logistic needs, whether in the UK, Europe or worldwide, please get in touch today. We’re available by telephone, email or using the highly effective web chat option on our website to speak to one of our team about our rapid, reliable and safe transports.

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